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World Chinese Business Network (WCBN)


WCBN is a user-friendly online business information network linking ethnic Chinese enterprises and executives all over the world. The bilingual online networking website provides data on Chinese enterprises and corporations in over 120 countries and regions. 

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Please be informed that the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCCI) is not organising any charity activities during this period.  The Chamber has also not given authorisation to any organisation or persons to raise funds for SCCCI.  We urge members of the community to beware of any organisations or persons who abuse the Chamber’s name to make scam calls. 



 Jul 2016    
Jul 14 (Thu)   6 Habits of Highly Creative People
Jul 21 (Thu)   Mastering the Key of Innovation Management
Jul 21 (Thu)   SCCCI Internationalisation Series: Indonesia - New Reforms, Better Business Opportunities    
Jul 28 (Thu)   Company's Tax Obligations for Year of Assesment 2016

 Aug 2016    
Aug 4 (Thu)   “What You Need to Get Ready to Sell Online?” Workshop **Registration Closed**     
Aug 8 (Mon)   SCCCI National Day Dinner 2016  **Registration Closed**                   
Aug 12 (Fri)   From Housewife to Awarding Winning Entrepreneur
Aug 17 - 18
(Wed - Thu)

Annual SME Conference & ICC Conference 
Aug 28 (Sun)   Healthy Cooking Demostration Classes
Aug 29 (Mon)   How to use Linkedin for business

Sep 2016     
Sep 14 (Wed)   A Deep Dive into SMART Innovations for SMEs
Sep 21 - 23
(Wed - Fri)
  Emerge - Networking Cruise for Chinese Young Entrepreneurs                                        
Sep 23 (Fri)   SCCCI 110th Anniversary Gala Dinner **Registration Closed**  

Oct 2016    
Oct 6 (Thu)   How to Lead and Build High Impact Teams                   
Oct 11 (Tue)   Business Analytics = Profit? How?   
Oct 16 - 22 (Sun - Sat)   USA (San Francisco) e-Commerce Study Trip

Nov 2016    
Nov 7 - 12 (Mon - Sat)   Singapore Business Mission to Myanmar - Asia's Next Raising Star                 

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Courses organised by SCCIOB
Chinese Language Courses    
Apr 15 - Jun 22 
(Every Wed & Fri)
  Business Mandarin Foundation
Apr 19  - Jul 12  
(Every Tue) 
  Business Mandarin Reading & Writing Advanced
Jan 26 - Jun 21 
(Every Tue & Fri)
  Business Mandarin Reading & Writing Beginner Plus    
 Jan 28 - Jun 25
(Every Thu & Sat)
  Business Mandarin Conversational Beginner Plus

Innovation & Productivity Masterclass    
May 4 (Wed)  Service Transformation for SMEs Through Lean   

Resource Centre  
  The Gazette of India - Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
  Tips for Corporate Income Tax Filing

Other Events
Jul 28 (Thu)    South Africa Trade and Business Seminar 
Jul 28 (Thu)    Going Global with Innovation 
Jul 29 (Fri)   TAFF Capability Building Workshop
Aug 22-26 (Mon-Fri)   IP Week @ SG 2016

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